What does Novo Mesto do?

The Novo Mesto plant builds the Clio II and Twingo II city cars (including the Renault Sport version), the Wind roadster and New Twingo/Smart ForFour. The workforce of almost 2,000 employees builds around 200,000 vehicles a year. They conduct the pressing, body assembly, paintwork and final assembly of vehicles prior to their distribution across Renault's European network.. 

A heritage spanning 40 years

Novo Mesto assembled its first Renault vehicle, a Renault 4, in 1972, but it was only in the 1990s that the Group took over the plant when it acquired a majority stake from Revoz. Renault became the full owner in 2004.

The Novo Mesto production lines have produced many emblematic brand models: Renault 12 (1974-1977), Renault 16 (1974-1976), Renault 18 (1980-1987), Renault Supercinq (1989-1996) and Renault Clio I (1993-1998).


Novo Mesto received ISO 14001 certification in 1999 and is pursuing an active environmental policy reflecting the commitments made by Renault. To reduce the environmental impact of its activities, the plant has put in place measures to limit energy and water consumption, treat wastewater, cut emissions of volatile organic compounds, reduce the quantity of industrial waste and increase the recovery rate.