Une Renault 4CV dans le désert algérien en 1948 © Renault Communication - Droits réservés

For Renault, this industrial project is the culmination of more than 90 years’ presence in the country. At end-2013 the Renault group had been the unrivalled leader in the Algerian automotive market for 8 years with its Renault and Dacia brands. The project was also brought to fruition through the hard work of men and women. As part of a dynamic recruitment and training policy, close to 350 employees were hired at the plant, 40% of them women. In addition, some 500 new jobs were created in subcontracting. 

Industrial project milestones in Oran for Renault

May 25, 2012: Renault and the Algerian government sign a memorandum of understanding to progressively build up an automotive industry in Algeria.


December 19, 2012: Renault, Société Nationale de Véhicules Industriels (SNVI) and the Algerian National Investment Fund (FNI) sign a shareholders’ agreement with a view to creating a joint company (49% Renault, 34% SNVI and 17% INF).


January 31, 2013: The Renault Algérie Production company is founded.


September 25, 2013: Construction begins at the Oued Tlelat site near Oran.


September 26, 2014: Manufacturing agreement is signed for the Renault Algérie Production plant.


November 10, 2014: The plant is inaugurated.


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Photo credit (main picture) : Omar Sefouane