What does Palencia do?

The site is dedicated to Mégane III (hatch, estate, coupé and Renault Sport). The site conducts the pressing, body assembly, paintwork and final assembly of vehicles prior to their distribution across the Renault network. In 2011, Palencia produced more than 260,000 units.

In the past, Palencia has built other models, including the Renault 12 (1978-1981), Renault 18 (1978-1982), Renault 9 and 11 (1982-1988), Renault 21 (1986-1991), Renault 19 (1988-1996) and the first two generations of Mégane.

From its founding up to 2012, the site built almost six million vehicles.


Palencia has been ISO 14001 certified since 1999.