Industrial site comprising a car assembly plant, a mechanical and chassis plant and a central logistic unit.

Manufactured products

  • Dacia car assembly plant: Logan 2, Logan 2 MCV, Sandero 2, Duster. 95% of the car assembly plant production is exported.
  • Mechanical and Dacia chassis plant: More than 60% of the Dacia mechanical and chassis plant production is exported to other plants of the Renault Group.
    • Engines (H4, K7)
    • Gear Boxes (TLx, JH)
    • Chassis: Front axles, Rear axles
    • Aluminum Foundry

ILN Mioveni: The central logistics unit is the link between the commercial division and the manufacturing site. Today, the International Logistics Network (ILN) center manages spare parts delivery for other Renault and Nissan car plants worldwide.


  • 1966: Creation of the Auto Dacia plant of Pitesti.
  • 1968: Signing of cooperation agreement between Renault and Auto Dacia. Manufacturing of the Dacia 1100 (Renault 8) begins.
  • 1969: Manufacturing of the Dacia 1300 saloon (Renault 12) begins.
  • 1973: Manufacturing of the Dacia 1300 estate begins.
  • 1976: Dacia Pick-up, first vehicle autonomously produced.
  • 1983: Manufacturing of the Dacia 1302 and 1304 Drop-Side begins.
  • 1990: Manufacturing of the Dacia 1325 Liberta 5-door begins.
  • 1992: Manufacturing of the Dacia 1307 and 1309 Double Cab begins.
  • 1995: Restructuring of Auto Dacia into seven subsidiaries. Dacia Nova, first model wholly Romanian-designed.
  • 1998: 2,000,000th Dacia produced. ISO 9001 certification awarded.
  • 1999: Renault takes a 51% controlling interest in Dacia.
  • 2000: Renault raises its stake to 73.29% and then to 80.14%. Manufacturing of the SuperNova with a Renault powertrain.
  • 2001: Renault raises its stake to 92.72%.
  • 2002: Manufacturing of the diesel Pick-up range (with Renault F8Q engine).
  • 2003: Renault raises its stake to 99%. Manufacturing of Solenza begins.
  • 2004: June 2: Unveiling of Logan. July 21: Discontinuation of Dacia saloon and estate production (a total of 1,959,730 examples produced in Romania since 1969). September 9: Sales release of Logan in Romania.
  • 2005: Solenza production discontinued. 100,000th Logan manufactured.
  • 2006: September: launch of Logan New Collection and the Logan prestige. October: Logan MCV launched December : production of the Pick-up Dacia halted.
  • 2007: Launch of Logan Van and Logan Pick Up.
  • 2009: Launch of Sandero Stepway.
  • 2010: Launch of  Dacia Duster in Genève Motorshow. Millionth Logan manufactured
  • 2011: Four millionth Dacia manufactured. 200,000 Duster manufactured and 1,500,000 X90 manufactured.
  • 2012: Logan Pick-up’s production stops. Launch of the New Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway.
  • 2013: Launch of the New Logan MCV and of the New Duster; manufacturing of Duster no. 400 000; then of no.500 000 Duster; manufacturing of TL gear box no.1 000 000.
  • 2014: Dacia celebrates its 15 years within the group Renault and the 10 years of Logan in Romania.
  • 2015: 3,000,000 Vehicles sold since the launch of Logan; Launch of the new Logan Prestige; 500,000 Energy TCe engines; 10th anniversary of ILN Mioveni.
  • 2016: 3,000,000 JH gearboxes. Production of Logan II, Logan II MCV, Sandero II et Sandero Stepway II.
  • 2017: Production of Logan MCV Stepway.