Opened in 2008, Renault Design América Latina is a Renault design center based in São Paulo, whose main remit is to adapt the design of Renault Group vehicles to the reality and requirements of the Latin American market.

The centre employs 14 experts from different countries, mostly Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia) and France.

Director: Massimo Barbieri.

One of the Renault Group’s five design centres: the main design centre is based in France (Technocentre in Guyancourt, near Paris), and the other four in strategic regions: South Korea (Renault Samsung Design Kihueng near Seoul), India (Renault Design India in Mumbai), Romania (Renault Design Central Europe in Bucarest) and Brazil (Renault Design América Latina in São Paulo).


  • Adapt the Renault Group’s models to the aspirations of the Latin American market (e.g. Sandero, Duster)
  • Compete in international projects (e.g. Lodgy)
  • Develop concept cars and show cars for local motor shows (e.g. Sand’Up and Sandero Stepway Concept)

Main completed projects:

  • The concept car (*) Sand’Up (2008)
  • The show car (*) Sandero Stepway Concept (2010)
  • Restyling of Sandero and Sandero Stepway (2011)
  • Adaptation of Duster (2011)
  • Adaptation of Clio (2012)