Within the Industrial Chassis Departement, related to the Manifacturing & Logistic Europe Departement, the Auto Chassi International Villeurbannne plant manufactures ground connection systems for the Alliance.

Main products :

  • Front and rear suspensions
  • Suspensions arms
  • Stub axles
  • hub-drums and wheel hubs
Production (in units)201620172018 
Front suspensions305 486302 658306 651


  • 1970: Creation of the Société Mécanique de Villeurbanne (SMV), Limited Company subsidiary of Renault.
  • 1999: Integration of SMV into ACI.
  • 2001: SMV becomes an ACI subsidiary and takes the name of ACI Villeurbanne.
  • 2004: Founding of the Chassis Manufacturing department, to oversee production at all the “chassis” sites.
  • 2005: The structure of ACI changes, concerning the attachment of some departments. For example, the purchasing department of ACI is now attached to the joint Renault Nissan RNPO purchasing organization.
  • 2010: Production of components for New Master (X62)
  • 2012: Production of PF Duster (H79)
  • 2014: Production of components for New Trafic (X82)
  • 2015: Packaging work boosted and the Lean project launched.
  • 2016: Deployment of Lean on packaging
  • 2017: Deployment of Lean on serial activity