Dacia, an essential and modern brand with an outdoor spirit, and LADA, the historical leader of the Russian market for 50 years, offer affordable products based on Groupe Renaul and Alliance technologies at the lowest cost and aimed at buyers with smaller budgets.


A game changer in the automotive industry since 2005, Dacia constantly redefines the essential car at the best price. The Dacia spirit means meeting its customers' needs with simple, reliable and robust cars, with no excess. Alongside the Duster and the Sandero, the brand's emblematic models, the Spring city car is set to revolutionize the electric car. Because customer expectations and car usage are changing, Dacia is a modern brand that listens to its customers and is aware of the challenges posed by the mobility of the future. Dacia is also the only manufacturer to offer twin-fuel (petrol/LPG) models across its entire private vehicle range.
customers since 2004


Heading off for a family getaway with my Dacia



dacia sandero

A solid and sturdy design

Owning a Dacia means owning an attractive, robust and comfortable car. Dacia makes cars that are for perfect for everyday use. What’s more, the brand proves it listens to its customers with each evolution of its models.

Driving with peace of mind

A range of contemporary cars equipped with tried and tested technologies. A 3-year or 100,000 km warranty. All the equipment you need, and nothing you don’t. And with the strength of the Renault network behind it, Dacia is able to provide reliable and dependable local service

Driving With Peace Of Mind
dacia spring

Offering the essentials of tomorrow

Launched soon, the Dacia Spring is Dacia's new r-EV-olution. The brand's 100% electric city car is a 5-door vehicle with 4 real adult sized seats and a range of over 200 km. Dacia Spring is proof that Dacia can also deliver sustainable mobility accessible to all yet remain bold and true to its reputation as the disrupter in the car industry.


The Dacia promise: guarantee that all its vehicles offer the best value for money on the market. But Dacia goes one step further; with accessible maintenance schedules and an after-sales services for its customers.

Dacia, the essentials at an unrivalled price.
Dacia values create loyalty among its drivers and a strong community spirit that the brand can always rely on.


Dacia is a brand that is perfectly in tune with the times – its cars are simple, reliable and affordable. Its values create loyalty among its drivers and a strong community spirit that the brand can always rely on. Another symbol of its success is the Dacia Picnic, which brings together thousands of people every year.

Bigster Concept: an outdoorsy touch of coolness

True to the Dacia style, the Bigster Concept is a 4.6 meters vehicule, roomy and robust. Meant for open air and dusty roads, exploring new horizons, it’s the very essence of a SUV with no more, no less than the essential.

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Dacia Bigster Concept epitomizes the evolution of the brand. Essential, with a touch of coolness and an outdoor spirit. It proves that accessible is not opposed by any meanings to attractiveness. In Dacia we believe so, and this car is the proof.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos
Dacia Design Director




LADA became a Groupe Renault brand in January 2017. Boasting the largest dealership network in Russia, the brand also exports worldwide, marketing its cars in 30 countries. With a wide range of suitable and affordable cars, LADA is now entering a new phase, a completely renewed range and a fast-changing network. LADA will explore new horizons with an ambitious product plan, as shown by the latest iteration of its iconic Niva in 2024 and a new C-SUV segment model.

Our models

dacia sandero

New Dacia Sandero

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New Dacia Logan


All-new Dacia Spring (2021)

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Dacia Lodgy

dacia lodgy stepway

Dacia Lodgy Stepway

dacia dokker

Dacia Dokker

dacia doker stepway

Dacia Dokker Stepway

Overview of some models: Dacia Duster.

Dacia Duster