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Founded in 2000, Renault Samsung Motors is one of the top five carmakers in South Korea. Highly reputed for its service quality, the brand was recently voted number one for customer satisfaction in sales and after-sales for the 15th consecutive year. In 2010, the brand gained a new visual identity with the emphasis on luxury and refinement. The aim is for every driver to be able to find the vehicle tailored to their requirements.

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I am attracted to its refined finishes, its high quality and its innovative technologies



Cutting edge

The 7 models in the Renault Samsung Motors range all feature ultra-modern, multi-functional equipment. Each one is nevertheless distinctive with specific characteristics, designed to satisfy demanding customers looking for cutting-edge technology. For example, SM6 made the new standard of midsized sedan in Korea with premium and quality and it was selected as the ‘Car of the year 2017’. The QM6 also received great attention for its various premium option and perceived quality.

Cutting edge
Uncompromising standards

Uncompromising standards

The watchword of Renault Samsung Motors? Never compromise on quality. For the 15th consecutive years, RSM achieved Sales Satisfaction Quality No.1. The overall satisfaction level of drivers interviewed is far higher than for the brand's direct competitors. These results show that the brand's strengths lie in the quality of its sales and after-sales services, as well as in the quality of its vehicles in use.

New generation of electric

At the end of 2017, Renault Samsung Motors unveiled new SM3 Z.E. the only three-box sedan in the South Korean market. With a range of 213 kilometers, an increase of 57%, and the spacious cabin characteristic of small sedans, SM3 Z.E. meets the needs of private buyers, as well as government fleets and taxi companies.


Overview of some models

Overview of some models: RMS SM6.

Renault Samsung Motors SM6

Overview of some models: RMS QM6.

Renault Samsung Motors QM6

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