Renault, passion for life

Renault is the group’s global brand, available in 134 countries and sold in over 12,000 dealerships. As the leading French brand in the world, Renault has always sought to reinvent mobility through the development of innovative concepts. The brand’s models, with their inviting, seductive contours, ease the lives of their drivers thanks to their versatility, connectivity and intuitive features. Every day, Renault innovates to make everyday life easier for customers so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

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I love its look, inside and out, its comfortable seats and its handling.



French design

Renault design is instantly recognisable; its warm and sensual lines both inside and out engage the senses. Through its “French Design” approach, Renault has always challenged the norm and questioned convention to offer innovative concepts that reinvent the rules of the car market.

Nouvelle Renault TALISMAN
making life easier

Making life easier

At Renault, we put every effort into fulfilling our promise of making daily life easier, from new technologies to electric cars to connected car services and customisable applications. We take that promise to heart. Our cars and services are designed to be your companions on the road and to satisfy all your want sand needs.

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Driven by passion

From the brand’s creation, Renault has been driven by an irresistible passion for motorsport. Renault is a key player in various racing formulas including Formula 1: a unique record for a generalist car manufacturer. With the experience gained on race tracks the world over, Renault brings the best of its technology to its R.S. sports car range. The success gained in Formula E has outlined a sustainable mobility for the future. As for the R.S. 2027 Vision concept car, it beautifully explores the ideas that will soon be part of the R.S. series.

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Driven by passion

Overview of some models

Nouvelle Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Groupe Renault - Megane RS

Renault Mégane RS

Groupe Renault - Espace

Renault Espace

Groupe Renault - Koleos

Renault Koleos

Renault - Laurens van den Acker
Arousing desire and targeting emotions, these are designed into Renault
Laurens van den Acker,
Corporate Design Director
Renault celebrates its 120 years anniversary


For more than 120 years, Renault has developed automotive solutions that make mobility easy and accessible for customers around the world.

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