Our priority is to be there with you from the day you purchase your Groupe Renault vehicle, throughout its service life, and right up to the day you eventually decide to change it. Your satisfaction is uppermost in our mind. Groupe Renault steadfastly endeavours to design and make vehicles that appeal to you, that can you depend on, and that live up to your every expectation. At 13,000 outlets in 134 countries, Groupe Renault sales and service personnel are there to answer your queries and meet your requirements.


Customer satisfaction starts by offering vehicles that are matched as closely as possible to the actual needs and expectations of each individual customer. It calls for extreme rigour in vehicle design, to ensure we deliver a top-quality product each and every time. It means meticulously selecting shapes, materials and colours that appeal to the senses. It means testing our vehicles under the most extreme conditions that anyone is likely to experience. It means offering quality customer service at our sales outlets and workshops, providing the right answer to your every demand and a prompt, effective solution to any problem encountered.


Our strategy toAlways satisfy you


Groupe Renault leads the way in innovation, developing vehicles that feature the most advanced technologies available, to offer the best there is in both safety and driving pleasure. Groupe Renault personnel adapt smoothly and ceaselessly to keep pace with growing sophistication in vehicle systems and equipment, developing front-line know-how to put the latest advances at your fingertips in the cars you’re driving today.