For Renault, the aim of EOLAB is to make ultra-low fuel consumption available to the greatest number. By taking up this challenge, the brand is remaining true to its DNA. To achieve the required result, Renault had to make its technologies affordable. To this end, EOLAB includes materials that are extremely light, such as aluminium and magnesium. Moreover, the idea of producing a car of this type on an industrial scale within the next ten years was factored into the plan right from the start.

Around one hundred technological advances for future Renault vehicles

EOLAB is far more than just an exercise in style or a showcase. Based on a B-segment hatchback, it includes almost 100 technological advances that are completely realistic from an industrial standpoint and that will gradually be carried over to future production vehicles.

The EOLAB formula

The exceptional fuel economy of  1l/100 km achieved by the EOLAB prototype is the combined result of three factors: aerodynamics, lightweight construction and “Z.E. hybrid” petrol/electricity technology:

- aerodynamics: a body style designed to cut through the air with mobile features such as an active spoiler and side flaps deployed in the same way as ailerons;Eolab aerodynamics   - lightweight construction:  a slimming programme to reduce vehicle weight by 400 kg compared with a B-segment vehicle with, in particular, a multi-material body shell combining steel, aluminium and composites, and a remarkable magnesium roof that tips the scales at barely 4 kg. These weight savings create a virtuous circle, since they made it possible to reduce the size and thus the cost of prototype sub-systems  (engine, battery, wheels, brakes, etc.) and thereby to cover the price of the more costly materials selected.

 Eolab Lightweight- Z.E. Hybrid technology: compact and affordable, this new plug-in hybrid solution delivers ultra-low fuel consumption with  ̶  above all  ̶  “zero emissions” mobility** on journeys of under 60 km at speeds of up to 120 kph. Z.E. Hybrid technology will round out Renault’s “zero emissions” electric offering within the next few years.  

Eolab Z.E. Hybrid technology