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The coming into effect of the Euro6 standard invites us to determine the real gas emissions on a specific journey: one third in the city, one third on B-roads and one third on highways.

According to the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/427 (1) vehicle manufacturers are obliged to publish data collected during Real Driving Emission (RDE) tests that are carried out in order to meet a manufacturer’s obligations under that Regulation. The requirement to publish RDE data only applies to the PEMS families covering new vehicle types from the date of entry into force of Regulation 2016/427 (nominally 20 April 2016).

If the vehicle is eligible, there are two options available to view the results:
- A summary report immediately available for download.
- A detailed report available upon request that allows test settings to be recorded in real time.

NB: It might be possible that the vehicle has not been tested individually in its exact configuration. In this case, only results from tests realized on similar vehicles will be available and transmissible.

(*)Real Driving Emission: emissions in real driving conditions.

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